I visited Anti Paxos last June as part of a familiarisation trip to Paxos and Corfu. I thought it was a fantastic island but it is not for everyone. However, if you love walking (pack your walking boots), swimming, do not mind some self catering and want a complete escape then it is perfect. It feels like the land that time forgot. Plus it is very romantic – the houses we feature here feel like real get away from it all places.



Anti Paxos takes a bit of getting to – a ferry from Corfu to into Gaios (the capital of Paxos) and then an onward taxi boat transfer. The trip from Gaios takes around 15 minutes and you dock at the small harbour of Agrapidia passing the pretty beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi on the way. As there are no shops on the island, clients pre-order shopping before they leave the UK (paid for locally upon arrival) and your provisions come with you on the transfer.”There is no car hire on the island and very few cars in general – you are taken to your house by the boat man who keeps an old Range Rover in the harbour for transfers.

All our houses are well equipped with a full cooker, barbecue and freezer to make self catering as easy as possible. Our representative contacts clients the day after arrival to see what other shopping they need or guests may contact her at any time. When I was there in June there had been high winds so no boats had been going over for a few days. This means no shopping deliveries so it is best to always have some supplies in.

There are four tavernas on the island. Two are at Vrika beach and one of these is open from May. The other opens in June. They are both open in the day time only (until about 5pm). This beach is a 15 minutes walk from Bacchus House.

The other two tavernas are at Voutoumi beach. There is one on the beach and the other, called Bella Vista, is above the beach at the top of a number of steps. These two open from around 15th June to early September. The one on the beach is open in the day time only but Bella Vista usually stays open in the evening.

Violetta house is a ten minutes walk to Voutoumi beach and only a few minutes walk to Bella Vista taverna. Phoenica House is a ten minute walk to Bella Vista and 15 to the beach. If you are staying in one of these houses in May, early June or from mid September onwards it would take you around 40 minutes to walk to the taverna on Vrika beach. All the tavernas offer take away food so you could pick something up from them on the way back from the beach.

Anti Paxos is a popular day trip destination for clients staying in Paxos and the water taxis

from Gaios stop at Vrika and Voutoumi. As a result guests staying in Anti Paxos can pay to use these boats to visit Gaios. However, in our experience most clients prefer to stay put and enjoy the peace and quiet of this tiny island.

Tracey Howard,
Sunvil Holidays