Today my husband and 10 year old son son had their first introduction to the underwaters of Apokoronos in Crete!  Last week they went for the introductory dive at the swimming pool of the Almirida Beach Hotel in Almirida, held free of charge, every week at 11am.  Having had a taste of what it is like to be underwater we found ourselves signing them up for the into dive (min 10yrs old), a dive of up to 6 metres for non qualified divers.  The morning certainly lived up to expectation and more…

Scuba Diving in Crete

We arrived at 9am at the Omega Diving office in Almirida and were introduced to our instructor, Kevin a very pleasant englishman who had recently moved to Crete and with years experience in diving.  The office was immaculate and everything organised to a T. After filling in preliminary paperwork we went to the briefing room where Kevin briefed us for about 20 minutes about diving/equipment etc. and any nerves anyone may have had at this point would certainly be put at ease. From there it was to the equipment room to be kitted out, and then in the jeep for a 10 minutes or so drive to a lovely nearby cove.

Apokoronos, Crete

Equipment on, it was straight into the water to a depth of 6 metres,  where starfish, urchins, coloured fish, sponge were to be seen … though the resident octopus did not come out to play today.  The dive lasted 45 minutes and both were so exhilerated by the experience that it looks like the 4 day diving course may soon be on the cards!

Diving in Apokoronos

Scuba Diving

The morning lasted 3 hours altogether and well worth the 55 euros per person!

Linda Diamandi
GIC The Villa Collection Rep