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An Introduction to Meganissi

  Few Greek islands have been named as inaccurately as Meganissi. Despite the name translating as ‘Big Island’ Meganissi is quite the opposite, with a handful of settlements and a gentle, easy-paced approach to life which has for many years attracted holidaymakers in search of a relaxing Greek

AntiPaxos – Greece for the escapist

I visited Anti Paxos last June as part of a familiarisation trip to Paxos and Corfu. I thought it was a fantastic island but it is not for everyone. However, if you love walking (pack your walking boots), swimming, do not mind some self catering and want

An Introduction to Paxos, the smallest Ionian Island

Paxos may be small (it’s barely 7 miles long and 3 miles wide) yet it does attract its fair share of attention. Known among a group of devotees as one of the sparkling jewels among the Greek islands, it has attracted a steady stream of visitors since

Villa or Hotel: which is best?

For those looking to have a break in the Mediterranean sun the choices are never as simple as they could be. Which destination? Where should we fly to/from? How many nights? What are we going to eat? And perhaps the biggest question of all: where are we