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National Marine Park of Alonissos

Alonissos is popular with a small but loyal group of regular visitors, thanks mainly to its laid-back vibe, its quiet beaches and its network of marked walking trails. For nature lovers the waters surrounding Alonissos are also part of its appeal, along with the nearby uninhabited islands which together

A trip to The Sporades

The Sporades are a cluster of Greek islands in the northwest Aegean Sea. The four of them – Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros are known for their beaches, rugged natural terrain, coastal snorkelling and alluring island atmosphere. Alonissos has won a Gold Medal for the quality of the

Alonissos – an island escape

Lesser known than Skiathos and Skopelos, its neighbouring islands in the Sporades, Alonissos retains a charming, undeveloped vibe which appeals to those wanting to relax and enjoy a slow pace of life. Given the lack of rain in the summer months it’s a surprisingly green island; the interior offers

Go on… treat yourself!

Sometimes in life we want to treat ourselves and deservedly so. At GIC – The Villa Collection we understand that a holiday can be a personal reward. Wherever we choose to escape to in the world, a holiday can allow us the opportunity to relax and to

A relaxing retreat for two

Increasingly, we find ourselves living in a time-poor society. We live our lives at a fast pace, rushing from one place to another, searching for the next challenge and permanently connected to mobile technology. For many, myself included, finding a work-life balance that allows quality time to

Alonissos: Never too late to realize your dream

To those who plan to travel to Alonissos for a quiet holiday, under the impression that the island is just calm beaches, genteel walks and sleepy tavernas: I have news for you. Alonissos is now ubercool. Yes, of course, you’ll find the peacefulness you crave, the uncrowded sandy beaches

An eventful week on Alonissos

While many visitors come to Alonissos to enjoy the island’s gentle pace of life, for a week in September the islanders showcase their impressive range of talents in a week of cultural activities. The many varied events attract both locals and visitors to celebrate the end of

Walking on Alonissos

  Alonissos is part of the Sporades group of islands and has Skopelos as its nearest neighbour, only 20 minutes away on the regular hydrofoil service. While Skopelos may be known for its gentle pace, life on Alonissos is another notch slower.  The interior of Alonissos is

Island hopping and tortoise spotting in the Sporades

The Sporades, an archipelago off the east coast of mainland Greece, caught my attention this year. A ‘so bad it’s good’ film has put the spotlight on Skopelos, a tiny pinprick in the Aegean with pine-clad vertiginous peaks that’s about as green as the Greek islands get.