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Corfu and the value of TV publicity

The world of travel writing is a funny one. In an ideal world it is travel writers who first identify the most hip, trendy places to go in any particular year. The theory goes that they do the hard work in seeking out the undiscovered gems and

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view

Is there anything better than opening your bedroom shutters to greet the warming rays of the morning sun; to relax on your balcony listening to the sound of the sea lapping at the rocks below; to watch the comings and goings of harbour life from your poolside

Clueless in Corfu

Having holidayed in Greece for almost all of 38 summers, exploring more islands ending in ‘-os’ than I can remember as well as Athens, Halkidiki, Crete and Kefalonia, I find it hard to believe – and, to some extent, frustrating – that it’s taken me until now

Exploring Corfu Town

While Corfu’s beaches are the main draw for the crowds of visitors who come to the island every summer, the main town of Kerkyra (often referred to as Corfu Town) is a place that continually surprises those who take the time to explore its attractive streets and buildings. Its

A Holiday in Paxos

It goes without saying that Greece has a number of different faces. It’s part of what makes the country such an appealing prospect, but it also gives each individual area a unique identity; something which it holds on to and is proud of. Looking to find an