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Notes from the field – Crete

  Crete is Greece’s largest island and a tapestry of unfolding countryside, stunning beaches, and ancient archaeological sites meaning it has something to offer everyone. Rosanna, our travel expert, recently travelled to the island and shares with us her personal highlights. Details of your favourite properties and

Reasons to love the Greek Islands: Eating out

  More than almost any other holiday destination, visitors to the Greek islands have a habit of returning year after year. Whether they go back to the same island and the same accommodation, or make a point of visiting a succession of different places, there’s something about the Greek islands

The lure of Greek honey

Greek honey is known around the world for its quality and with over 12,000 tonnes of honey produced every year it’s no surprise that Greece has a greater concentration of beehives than any other country in Europe. The island of Kefalonia in particular is renowned for its

A beginner’s guide to eating Greek food

As generations of Greeks have made their homes in almost every country on earth, so the traditions of the Greek kitchen have also travelled far and wide. Even those who have never been to Greece will be familiar with many of the most popular dishes on offer.