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Guest blog: Kefalonia – we read, we eat, we swim, we talk…

Sarah, one of our travel agent partners from Westway Travel in Wickford, Essex took a holiday with us in June to the beautiful island of Kefalonia.  Read about her stay on the largest of the Ionian islands. Tell me if this sounds familiar: Getting up in the

Simple pleasures on Ithaca

Despite its almost mythical status in Greek culture as the home of Odysseus, Ithaca is one of the lesser-visited of the Greek islands. Relatively small (around 20 miles from top to bottom and less than half a mile wide at its narrowest point) it lacks an airport

An island escape on Paxos

Paxos is one of those secrets that people can’t help sharing. On the one hand visitors to the island find it hard not to tell others about its peace, its natural beauty and its inhabitants’ laid-back approach to life; on the other hand it’s the relative lack of

The idyllic island of Paxos

If you want peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, unspoiled beaches, wonderful walks, fantastic accommodation, friendly locals and excellent food then the Ionian island of Paxos is for you. We fell in love with island and its people 25 years ago. It is a place that has captured

Go on… treat yourself!

Sometimes in life we want to treat ourselves and deservedly so. At GIC – The Villa Collection we understand that a holiday can be a personal reward. Wherever we choose to escape to in the world, a holiday can allow us the opportunity to relax and to

A relaxing retreat for two

Increasingly, we find ourselves living in a time-poor society. We live our lives at a fast pace, rushing from one place to another, searching for the next challenge and permanently connected to mobile technology. For many, myself included, finding a work-life balance that allows quality time to

Unique properties in Greece and Cyprus

At GIC – The Villa Collection we understand that every client is unique and that our featured villas must reflect the diverse requirements of our travellers. This is why we return to Greece and Cyprus ever year in search of new properties, selecting only those which tick

An Introduction to Paxos, the smallest Ionian Island

Paxos may be small (it’s barely 7 miles long and 3 miles wide) yet it does attract its fair share of attention. Known among a group of devotees as one of the sparkling jewels among the Greek islands, it has attracted a steady stream of visitors since

Villa Koritsaki, Magazia, Paxos

Richard and I have been going to Paxos for 20 years and have stayed in many of the Greek Islands Club villas both in Loggos itself and further afield but this year we found a villa, which for us surpassed all others – Villa Koritsaki near Magazia

ANTIPAXOS: The real Greek Island escape for you?

More and more people are looking for an escape from the stress of home life: traffic, traffic lights, telephones, computers, aircraft, neighbours and sometimes just people! If this is you – the tiny island of AntiPaxos might offer the perfect escape – each of our three island