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Guest blog: Kefalonia – we read, we eat, we swim, we talk…

Sarah, one of our travel agent partners from Westway Travel in Wickford, Essex took a holiday with us in June to the beautiful island of Kefalonia.  Read about her stay on the largest of the Ionian islands. Tell me if this sounds familiar: Getting up in the

Go on… treat yourself!

Sometimes in life we want to treat ourselves and deservedly so. At GIC – The Villa Collection we understand that a holiday can be a personal reward. Wherever we choose to escape to in the world, a holiday can allow us the opportunity to relax and to

A relaxing retreat for two

Increasingly, we find ourselves living in a time-poor society. We live our lives at a fast pace, rushing from one place to another, searching for the next challenge and permanently connected to mobile technology. For many, myself included, finding a work-life balance that allows quality time to

Highlights of Kefalonia

People seem to have trouble agreeing on the correct spelling: Kefallonia is favoured by the Greeks, while Kefalonia is the most commonly-used on international maps. And if you throw Kefallinia, Kephalonia, Kefalinia, Cefalonia and Cephalonia into the mix, you get not only 7 ways to spell the name of

The lure of Greek honey

Greek honey is known around the world for its quality and with over 12,000 tonnes of honey produced every year it’s no surprise that Greece has a greater concentration of beehives than any other country in Europe. The island of Kefalonia in particular is renowned for its

Kefalonia Spring Walk

It’s not surprising that Kefalonia was recently included in a Yahoo survey listing ’10 Amazing Undiscovered Islands’. Of course, we discovered the island many years ago and our clients – many of whom return year after year – enjoy its many-faceted beauty; from the sophistication of Fiscardo