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Taking it easy on Skopelos

Many of the Greek islands have undergone dramatic changes as they’ve developed to cope with the onset of mass tourism. Skopelos offers a refreshing contrast as it has been largely spared and retains its character as a traditional, working island where it is tourism that fits in

Go on… treat yourself!

Sometimes in life we want to treat ourselves and deservedly so. At GIC – The Villa Collection we understand that a holiday can be a personal reward. Wherever we choose to escape to in the world, a holiday can allow us the opportunity to relax and to

Unique properties in Greece and Cyprus

At GIC – The Villa Collection we understand that every client is unique and that our featured villas must reflect the diverse requirements of our travellers. This is why we return to Greece and Cyprus ever year in search of new properties, selecting only those which tick

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view

Is there anything better than opening your bedroom shutters to greet the warming rays of the morning sun; to relax on your balcony listening to the sound of the sea lapping at the rocks below; to watch the comings and goings of harbour life from your poolside

Skopelos: Every Beach Tells A Story

Every bay, hillock and promontory in Greece has its fair share of tales to tell, but it seems that on Skopelos it’s the beaches that narrate the story of the island. Take Stafylos, only 4km from Skopelos Town, a nicely pebbled popular beach with umbrellas that don’t

Mamma Mia! It’s a new music festival on Skopelos

On the one hand Skopelos is keen to keep its reputation as a laid-back Greek island that has held back the ravages of mass tourism  and maintained its natural character. On the other hand when your island plays host to a movie as popular as Mamma Mia,

How Skopelos has survived the Mamma Mia effect

As successful movies go, Mamma Mia! is right up there as one of the big winners in recent years. It has the perfect combination of a happy (if oh-so-cheesy) plot, feel-good music sung by film stars who were obviously having a great time making the movie, and

Island hopping and tortoise spotting in the Sporades

The Sporades, an archipelago off the east coast of mainland Greece, caught my attention this year. A ‘so bad it’s good’ film has put the spotlight on Skopelos, a tiny pinprick in the Aegean with pine-clad vertiginous peaks that’s about as green as the Greek islands get.